Production Derula

Plywood panel

On-demand processing and endless customisation for every sector of application

The elements of flexibility

Few companies in the world can boast about a production flexibility similar to that of Bonzano. Flexibility means offering the widest range of products on the market, offering remarkably high levels of customisation, and maintaining a constant level of quality. Flexibility at Bonzano is defined by:


Our own plantations

Controlling the cost of raw material has been an important component of Bonzano’s industrial strategy. Not depending on market dynamics for the supply of raw materials means being able to plan growth and development plans over time with peace of mind and serenity. However, that’s not all: it also means greater price stability, better quality, traceability of materials and, above all, strict respect for plantation growth cycles, i.e. total renewability of raw material.

Production plants

Production capacity